Blacksod Lighthouse

An authentic lighthouse experience awaits at beautiful Blacksod Lighthouse, County Mayo.


This unique castellated style lighthouse was handcrafted from the Blacksod granite on which it sits – in the heart of Mayo’s active Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking region).

A 150-year-old lighthouse, it sits resolute at the end of Blacksod’s working pier, where the catch of the day will always include wild Atlantic lobster. The area boasts jaw-dropping scenery and offers sanctuary for Irish whales and dolphins under the dedicated supervision of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group.

The lighthouse has been crucial to the survival of the area through its sea safety design and alternative uses as Blacksod’s resident post office and weather station. Learn more with a guided tour of Blacksod Bay’s majestic guardian.

 A quick history 

  • The lighthouse was built from the red granite beneath it, giving it a unique colour and style.
  • Blacksod Lighthouse was built to complement its neighbouring Black Rock Lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse shines red to the North-East, warning of danger over Doobeg Point to ensure vessels pass safely into Blacksod Bay from the north.
  • Blacksod operates as the helicopter base for Eagle Island and Black Rock Lighthouse.

 Did you know? 

  • In 1969 a man named Tom McClean rowed from Newfoundland to Blacksod Bay. He used the telephone in Blacksod Lighthouse to phone his sponsors, Gilette Razor Company. As part of his sponsorship deal he was to appear cleanly shaven when meeting the press at Blacksod Pier!
  • Not just a world-class visitor attraction, Blacksod Lighthouse is also an active helicopter refuelling station. The Irish coastguard and Irish Lights helicopters refuel there regularly.
  • Blacksod Lighthouse was responsible for the delaying of D-day due to a weather forecast from the lighthouse. In fact, the Erris Peninsula had a few war-related instances despite Ireland’s neutrality.
  • The lighthouse is one of four lighthouses on the Erris Peninsula – which is a lot for 25km-long peninsula! However, the rocky shoreline of North West Mayo makes these shining beacons essential.

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