Irish Lights

Commissioners of Irish Lights

The mission of Irish Lights is Safe Navigation at Sea. Irish Lights is responsible for Maritime Aids to Navigation under the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention and in that context deliver an essential 24/7 safety and navigation service around the coast of Ireland (North and South), 365 days a year.

Our vision is to protect lives, property, trade and the environment by delivering next generation maritime services at the interface of navigation technology, engineering and data management.  Our remit includes the provision and maintenance of over 340 general aids to navigation, the superintendence of approx. 3,200 local aids to navigation, and marking or removing dangerous wrecks outside harbour areas around Ireland.

Our strategy Sea Seas-Connected Coasts sets out how Irish Lights is leading on the delivery of a modern, reliable and efficient navigation safety service for the benefit of all stakeholders around the island of Ireland, a service it has been providing for over 200 years.

We play an active role in safe guarding the past in our stewardship of the unique set of maritime heritage assets we own, which have a significant value and potential in the development of tourism, education, research and community based initiatives.

Great Lighthouses of Ireland was developed by Irish Lights in partnership with local communities and other public bodies to open lighthouses to visitors. It is a good example of a public, private and community partnership that is recognised as a valued tourism asset which positively impacts coastal communities. In addition it supports the implementation of Irish Lights Sustainability Plan through contributions under social, economic and environment by supporting and enabling our partners to implement responsible practices to ensure a future that is good for people, planet and prosperity.


Twitter: @irishlights


Emergency Response: For aids to navigation contact our 24-hour emergency response number on 01-2801996

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