Great Lighthouses of Ireland Illustrated Calendar

Great Lighthouses of Ireland Illustrated Calendar

Anyone who has ever visited one of Ireland’s beautiful lighthouses knows exactly why they could be likened to an architectural work of art. Pristine towers nestled among stunning coastal scenery and enveloping seascapes, it’s little wonder that one Irish artist was so inspired by the Great Lighthouses of Ireland – he illustrated prints of all 12 of them!

Kilkenny-based illustrator Roger O’Reilly has captured the historic beauty and coastal allure of these iconic lighthouses to exquisite effect, and now in partnership with Great Lighthouses of Ireland, you can own all 12 works of art through this special calendar.

Enjoy a lighthouse illustration each month, from Loop Head’s lush cliff-edge scenery to the arresting black and yellow daymarks of St John’s Point, simply click here to buy this unique calendar.

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